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wlfConstructorSettings Properties

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The wlfConstructorSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyallowedLemmaTypes
Public propertyanchorTextFactor
Public propertycontentTextFactor
Public propertydoAdjustIDFForCase
If true it will adjust IDF computation also for DocumentSetCase
Public propertydoComputeTFIDF
Public propertydocumentFrequencyMaxCorrection
Absolute correction to max. df in IDF calculation
Public propertydocumentFrequencyMaxFactor
Factor to multiply max. DF in IDF calculation
Public propertydoRenormalizeWeights
Public propertydoUseDocumentSet
If true it will use documentSet frequency to boost weights of terms that are common to the complete category
Public propertydoUseIDF
Public propertydoUseNaturalLog
Public propertystrictPosTypePolicy
If true it will exclude any POS type that may be anything other then allowedLemmaTypes
Public propertytitleTextFactor
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