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imbSCI.DataComplex Namespace

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Public classDataComplexExamples
Example, demonstrating data annotation with reporting, using generic, DataTable based, collection
Public classDataComplexExamplesDataEntryTest
Public classweightTableTWeightTableTerm
Universal weight table (SVM / TF-IDF model)
Public classweightTableCompiled
Public classweightTableGenericTerm
Generic - simple String wrapper for the IWeightTableDocument and IWeightTable applications
Public classweightTableMatchTWeightTableTerm, TSecondTableTerm
Public classweightTableMatchCollectionTWeightTableTerm, TSecondTableTerm
Public classweightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable
Weight term table set
Public classweightTableSetOperations
Public classweightTableTermCompiled
Compiled version of TF-IDF -- having no dynamic purpose. It serves in scenarios using precompiled TF-IDF data
Public classweightTableTermInSetCounterTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable
Counter - helper class keeping record of the term ocurrences
Public interfaceIWeightTable
Table of terms and frequencies on the document level
Public interfaceIWeightTableDocument
Public interfaceIWeightTableOperations
Public interfaceIWeightTableSet
Set of documents that are subject of the IWeightTable
Public interfaceIWeightTableSetOperations
Public interfaceIWeightTableTerm
Term that is subject of IWeightTable