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imbGraphExtensions Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  imbSCI.Data
Assembly:  imbSCI.Data (in imbSCI.Data.dll) Version: 0.3.70.
public static class imbGraphExtensions
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The imbGraphExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberaddPrefixForRoot
Adds path prefix for root member
Public methodStatic memberdetectParentChildLoopReference
Detects the parent child loop reference.
Public methodStatic membergetAllChildren
Gets all children. If pathFilder defined, it uses it to select only children with appropriate path
Public methodStatic membergetAllChildrenInTypeT
Gets the type of all children in.
Public methodStatic membergetAllLeafs
Gets all leafs, optionally applies Regex criteria used to child name [[[doesn't work]]]
Public methodStatic membergetChildByPath
Get member by resolving relative or absolute path over shead starting object.
Public methodStatic membergetDeepest
Gets the deepest.
Public methodStatic membergetElementLevel
Null safe way to get meta element level
Public methodStatic membergetFilterOut
Filters out the collection by path regex, nameRegex is optional AND criterion
Public methodStatic membergetNames
Gets the names.
Public methodStatic membergetOnLevel
Gets the on level.
Public methodStatic membergetOrdinalPathPart
Gets the ordinal path part. If it is not ordinal path path> returns -1
Public methodStatic membergetParentOfLevel
Gets the parent of target element level or root if reached
Public methodStatic membergetParentOrRoot
Gets a member from parent-chain: a) Nth parent according to limit. b) parent on targetPath, c) parent of target type or simply d) root if no more parents.
Public methodStatic membergetParentsViaExtension
Gets all parents. Prevents loop inherence.
Public methodStatic membergetPathFromObject
Gets the path from object - just casting trick
Public methodStatic membergetPaths
Gets paths of 1-st level children.
Public methodStatic membergetPathTo
Discovers relative path to target member of the structure
Public methodStatic membergetPathToParent
Relative path to memeber in parent chain
Public methodStatic membergetPathViaExtension
Gets the path string - including source at end of the path
Public methodStatic membergetTypedT
Gets the typed.
Public methodStatic memberisElementLevel
Determines whether [is element level] [the specified element].
Public methodStatic memberremoveFromParent
Removes all children from parent nodes
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