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folderNodeAdd Method (String, String, String)

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Adds new node or nodes to correspond to specified path or name. pathOrName can be path like: path1\\path2\\path3

Namespace:  imbSCI.Core.files.folders
Assembly:  imbSCI.Core (in imbSCI.Core.dll) Version: 0.3.58.
public folderNode Add(
	string pathOrName,
	string __caption,
	string __description
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Type: SystemString
Name of the path or.
Type: SystemString
The caption - display name of the folder
Type: SystemString
The description - description about the folder

Return Value

Type: folderNode
Newly created or existing directory node
If directory under specified path already exists, it will update its caption and description if these are empty, and return the existing node.
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