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getWritableFileMode Enumeration

imbSCI | imbACE | imbNLP | imbWEM | imbWBI
Mode of getWritableFile extension

Namespace:  imbSCI.Data.enums
Assembly:  imbSCI.Data (in imbSCI.Data.dll) Version: 0.3.70.
public enum getWritableFileMode
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  Member nameValueDescription
none0 The none - the function is disabled
unknown1 The unknown - it will not affect any existing preference
newOrExisting2 It will create new file if no existing detected, or get existing
existing3 It will not create new file if no existing detected
overwrite4 It will delete any existing file and provide newly created
autoRenameThis5 It will automatically modify path with _Counter sufix so the new file has unique filename
autoRenameExistingOnOtherDate6 The automatic rename the existing file if it was created on another date
autoRenameExistingToOld7 It will rename any existing file with sufix _old
autoRenameExistingToBack8 It will rename any existing file with sufix _backup
appendFile9 It will just append existing file - partial implementation
autoRenameExistingToOldOnce11 It will allow just one backup of an existing file by adding just "_old" sufix, without making new filename unique
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