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weightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable Class

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Weight term table set
Inheritance Hierarchy
    imbSCI.DataComplexweightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable

Namespace:  imbSCI.DataComplex
Assembly:  imbSCI.DataComplex (in imbSCI.DataComplex.dll) Version: 0.3.70.
public class weightTableSet<TWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable> : changeBindableBase, 
	IWeightTableSet, IEnumerable<IWeightTable>, IEnumerable
where TWeightTableTerm : IWeightTableTerm
where TWeightTable : new(), IWeightTable
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Type Parameters

The type of the weight table.

The weightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable type exposes the following members.

Public methodweightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable
Initializes a new instance of the weightTableSetTWeightTableTerm, TWeightTable class
Public propertyAggregateDocument
Public propertyChanges
Gets or sets the changes.
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Public propertycounter
Public propertydataSet
Public propertydescription
Public propertyHasChanges
Gets a value indicating whether this instance has changes.
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Public propertyItem
Gets the IWeightTable with the specified document name.
Public propertyname
Public methodAdd(Object)
Public methodAdd(IWeightTable)
Adds the specified document and processes all terms contained
Public methodAdd(IWeightTable, IWeightTableTerm, Boolean)
Non semantic matching
Public methodAddTable
Public methodCountAllDocuments
Count all terms in all documents
Public methodGetAggregateDataTable
Gets the aggregate table.
Public methodGetBDFreq(String)
Public methodGetBDFreq(IWeightTableTerm)
Public methodGetChanges
Gets the changes.
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Public methodGetDataSet
Public methodGetDataTable
Gets the table for the specified document
Public methodGetEnumerator
Public methodGetIDF(String)
Public methodGetIDF(IWeightTableTerm)
Public methodInvokeChanged
Sets current state of the object to be Changed (i.e. from now on the object will know it had some changes since last Accept call);
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Public methodOnPropertyChanged
Kreira event koji obaveštava da je promenjen neki parametar
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Public methodupdateMaxValues
Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value is changed
(Inherited from changeBindableBase.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodBuildDataShema
Builds the data table.
(Defined by PropertyDataStructureTools.)
Public Extension MethodbuildDataTable(String, Boolean, Boolean, PropertyCollectionExtended, String)Overloaded.
2017::Builds data table out of collection. Supported properties: primitives, enums and IGetFromToString interface types
(Defined by DataTableBuilders.)
Public Extension MethodbuildDataTable(String, DataTableBuildersbuildDataTableOptions, PropertyCollectionExtended, String, ILogBuilder)Overloaded.
2017:: Builds horizontal data table with columns mapping properties of the type.
(Defined by DataTableBuilders.)
Public Extension MethodbuildDataTable(String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, PropertyCollectionExtended, String)Overloaded.
Builds the horizontal data table
(Defined by DataTableBuilders.)
Public Extension MethodBuildDataTableHorizontal
Builds the data table using reflection and selected columns. Supports formating instruction, expression and other advanced atributes
(Defined by PropertyDataStructureTools.)
Public Extension MethodbuildDataTableVerticalSummaryTable
Builds the vertical table with all data
(Defined by DataTableBuilders.)
Public Extension MethodbuildPCE
Public Extension MethodbuildPropertyCollectionT
Create or update property collection out of object properties
(Defined by imbPropertyCollectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodbuildPropertyCollectionList
Builds the property collection list from IEnumerable source collection
(Defined by imbPropertyCollectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodchangeValueAsInt32
Changes the value as int32.
(Defined by imbValueChangers.)
Public Extension MethodchangeValueDouble
Step je 0.01
(Defined by imbValueChangers.)
Public Extension MethodConstructTableWithRandomContent
Constructs the data table and populates with random content of the table with.
(Defined by imbDataTableExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodConvertListIWeightTable, TTarget (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodConvertToListTTarget (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension Methodcount
Universal counting
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCreateNestedDataTableIWeightTable, TInner
Creates the nested data table.
(Defined by DataTableETL.)
Public Extension MethodGetAggregatesIWeightTable
Gets aggregated version of the objects
(Defined by collectionAggregation.)
Public Extension MethodgetAllEnums
Gathers all enumerations found in the collection
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetAllOfTypeT
Gets the first instance of type in supplied collection. makeNewIfNotFound
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetChartDataTableIWeightTable
Makes data table for chart
(Defined by UniversalGenerators.)
Public Extension MethodGetCrossSectionIWeightTable
Gets the cross section: only items that are in common to all collections
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetDataTypeSafe
V3.5> Experimentalna funkcija - na osnovu tipa vrsi konverziju
(Defined by imbStringCommonTools.)
Public Extension MethodGetDefaultValueT
Vraca tipiziranu podrazumevanu vrednost
(Defined by imbTypologyHelpers.)
Public Extension MethodgetDescriptionForDictionary
Gets the description for dictionary, property table etc
(Defined by settingsEntriesInfoModelApi.)
Public Extension MethodgetDictionaryFromMappedSource
Vraca recnik sa vrednostima iz objekta.
(Defined by propertyMappingTools.)
Public Extension MethodGetDifferenceIWeightTable (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetEnumMemberPath
Vraca enum member path koji moze da se koristi za preuzimanje enumeracije i njenog tipa
(Defined by imbEnumExtendBase.)
Public Extension MethodGetExpressionResolved
Resolves the specified expresion path, having host as starting node
(Defined by PropertyExpressionTools.)
Public Extension MethodgetFirstOfTypeT
Gets the first instance that is compatibile with T in supplied collection. Supports PropertyCollection and other collections
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetFirstSafe
Gets the first safe.
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetFlatArrayT (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetFlatListT (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetHistogramModelIWeightTable (Defined by histogramModelExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetPathForObject
2014c: Univerzalni konstruktor putanje
(Defined by resourcePathGenerator.)
Public Extension MethodgetPathForObjectAndParent
Univerzalni konstruktor putanje za bilo koji tip i parent
(Defined by resourcePathGenerator.)
Public Extension MethodgetProperty
Retrieves PropertyInfo found on path specified
(Defined by imbTypeQueryExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetSPEC (Defined by imbTypeQueryExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodgetStringValue
2013a> bezbedno vraca string verziju prosledjene vrednosti - Kreira stringValue
(Defined by imbDataExecutor.)
Public Extension MethodGetSVGChartIWeightTable (Defined by UniversalGenerators.)
Public Extension MethodGetSVGPieChartIWeightTable
Gets the SVG pie or doughnut chart.
(Defined by UniversalGenerators.)
Public Extension MethodGetTrendIWeightTable
Gets the trend from set of objects
(Defined by measureTrendTools.)
Public Extension MethodGetUnionIWeightTable (Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetUserManual
Generates property manual
(Defined by settingsEntriesTools.)
Public Extension MethodGetUserManualSaved
Gets the user manual saved:
(Defined by settingsEntriesTools.)
Public Extension MethodgetValuesFromMappedSource (Defined by propertyMappingTools.)
Public Extension MethodimbAttributeToProperties
Prebacuje vrednost iz atributa u propertije - u skladu sa podesenim mapiranjem (imbAttributeName.metaValueFromAttribute)
(Defined by imbAttributeTools.)
Public Extension MethodimbConvertValueSafe
2014c> bezbedna konverzija vrednosti
(Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbConvertValueSafeTypedT (Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbFirstOrMoreIWeightTable
Vraca jedan ili vise resursa koji ispunjavaju uslov
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbFirstSafe(Int32)Overloaded.
Imbs the first safe.
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbFirstSafeIWeightTable(Int32)Overloaded.
Proverava uslov
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbFirstSafeIWeightTable(FuncIWeightTable, Boolean)Overloaded.
Proverava uslov
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetAllProperties
Vraca sve propertije iz objekta koji su Public i Instance. Vraca i nasledjene propertije ali ako su pregazeni onda vraca samo najnoviji
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetAllValues
Vraca sve vrednosti iz svih propertija koji su Public i Instance
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetCodeMark (Defined by imbStringExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetIndexOf
Gets index of item in an unknown enumeration
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetItemAt
Universal method for getting element out of unknown IEnumerable
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetPropertySafe(String, Object, String)Overloaded.
2013> Sigurno preuzimanje vrednosti objekta - podržava path:
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetPropertySafe(PropertyInfo, Object, Boolean, Object)Overloaded.
2013> Sigurno preuzimanje vrednosti objekta - podržava path:
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetPropertySafe(PropertyInfo, Object, Boolean, Object, Boolean)Overloaded. (Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbGetPropertySafeT(PropertyInfo)Overloaded.
2014:Maj - uzima property i odmah vrsi bezbednu konverziju!
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbLastSafeIWeightTable
Imbs the last safe.
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbPropertyToString
Sigurno iscitavanje stringa
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbSetPropertyConvertSafe
Algoritam sa konverzijom koja podrzava i Collection objekta koji imaju Add method.
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbSetPropertySafe(String, Object, Boolean, Object, Boolean)Overloaded.
2013> Sigurano postavljanje vrednosti objekta
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbSetPropertySafe(PropertyInfo, Object, Boolean, Object, Boolean)Overloaded.
2013> Sigurano postavljanje vrednosti objekta
(Defined by imbTypologyPropertyGetSet.)
Public Extension MethodimbToBoolean
Konvertuje bilo koju vrednost u Boolean
(Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbToEnumeration(Type, Enum)Overloaded.
Convers an value to the best fit Enumeration member
(Defined by imbTypeEnumExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbToEnumerationTOverloaded. (Defined by imbTypeEnumExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbToInstance
Konvertuje u potrebni tip. Ukoliko postoji konstruktor sa parametrom koji je IsInstanceOfType(input) onda ce koristit njega
(Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbToNumber(Type)Overloaded.
Konvertuje u broj prema zadatom tipu
(Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodimbToNumberT(Type)Overloaded. (Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodisCoreColumn (Defined by PropertyEntryColumnExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodisNullOrEmptyOverloaded.
Proverava da li je kolekcija null ili bez clanova
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodisNullOrEmptyOverloaded. (Defined by imbSciStringExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodisNullOrEmptyString
Proverava da li je input null, ako je string onda ga proverava kao string ako je neki drugi objekat onda ga predvara u string pa proverava
(Defined by imbSciStringExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodkeyToString (Defined by imbPropertyCollectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodmarkdownList
Creates list from collection of [strings, IEnumerable or Objects]
(Defined by imbStringMarkdownExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodRandomizeToListIWeightTable
Returns a new list where the elements are randomly shuffled. Based on the Fisher-Yates shuffle, which has O(n) complexity.
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodrenderToTemplate
Vraca string koji definise placeholder u template stringu
(Defined by stringTemplateTools.)
Public Extension MethodresolvePath(String, pathResolveFlag)Overloaded.
Najčešće korišćen metod za upit nad putanjom i objektom
(Defined by resourcePathResolver.)
Public Extension MethodresolvePathT(String, pathResolveFlag)Overloaded.
(Defined by resourcePathResolver.)
Public Extension MethodsaveObjectToXML (Defined by objectSerialization.)
Public Extension MethodsetObjectByMappedSource
Primenjuje prosledjenu property mapu
(Defined by propertyMappingTools.)
Public Extension MethodsetObjectBySource
Sets the object by source.
(Defined by imbTypeObjectOperations.)
Public Extension MethodsetObjectValueTypesBySource
Sets the object by source, but only ValueTypes and string and only properties declared at top inherence level. Returns dictionary with updated properties (only if value changed)
(Defined by imbTypeObjectOperations.)
Public Extension MethodsetValuesToMappedTarget
Postavlja vednosti iz recnika u dati ciljani objekat - da bi bilo kompatibilno niz mora biti u istom rasporedu kao i u property mapu
(Defined by propertyMappingTools.)
Public Extension MethodsumValues
Supports> String, Int32, any number via Double and Boolean
(Defined by imbTypeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtakeFirstFromListIWeightTable(IWeightTable)Overloaded.
Vraca prvi element koji je pronadjen u ulaznom skupu - default vraca prvi element matchList
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtakeFirstFromListIWeightTable(IEnumerableIWeightTable, IWeightTable)Overloaded.
Vraca prvi objekat koji se nalazi i u ovom skupu i u matchList skupu
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtextList
Creates list from collection of [strings, IEnumerable or Objects]
(Defined by imbStringTextExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtoCsvFileIWeightTable
2017: Saves CSV to file from path
(Defined by csvFileExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtoCsvInLine
Renders CSV line from [!:object.toStringSafe()], [!:separator] is removed from item String
(Defined by imbDataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtoExpressionString
Returns expression-ready string, wrapped in proper quotes if required
(Defined by imbStringFormats.)
Public Extension MethodtoListIWeightTable
Konvertuje niz u listu
(Defined by collectionExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodtoStringSafeOverloaded. (Defined by imbStringFormats.)
Public Extension MethodtoStringSafe(String)Overloaded. (Defined by imbStringFormats.)
Public Extension MethodtoStringSafe(String, String)Overloaded.
Bezbedna konverzija u String -- ako je null onda valueForNull
(Defined by imbStringFormats.)
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