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IAceCommandConsole Interface

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Low-tier interface to imbACE Command Console.

Namespace:  imbACE.Core.operations
Assembly:  imbACE.Core (in imbACE.Core.dll) Version: 0.2
public interface IAceCommandConsole : IAceOperationSetExecutor
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The IAceCommandConsole type exposes the following members.

Public propertycommands
osnovni menu
Public propertycommandSetTree
command tree, used for help generation
Public propertyconsoleHelp
Short help message about this console
Public propertyconsoleIsRunning
It is true if console is turned on, waiting for an input or performing already given command(s)
Public propertyconsoleTitle
Console title
Public propertyhelpContent
Help text short header, used when console api is rendered or shown
Public propertyhelpHeader
Aditional points for console help header text. [!:imbACE.Services.terminal.console.aceCommandConsole.helpContent]
Public propertyhistory
Public propertylastInput
Public propertylinePrefix
Public propertyoutput
The primary console output. By default pointed to the [!:platform] via consoleControl
Public propertyresponse
Secondary output of the console. By default it is pointed to the [!:platform] output, but it can be directed to a file or other outputs.
Public propertysaveClipboard
Public propertyscriptRunning
Reference to the console script that is running or was running last time
Public methodaceOperation_consoleHelp
Aces the operation console help.
Public methodaceOperation_runAbort
Should be called from executing script.
Public methodaceOperation_runPause
It pause ACE script execution, optionally displays custom message and allows user to end the pause
Public methodexecuteCommand
Executes the command.
Public methodexecuteScript
Executes the command console script. [!:imbACE.Services.terminal.console.aceConsoleScript]
Public methodstart
Starts the console
Public eventPropertyChanged

This is interface to the base class of the imbACE scriptable ACE Command Console.

Next tier is aceAdvancedConsole - implementing: IAceAdvancedConsole interface with more exposed features.

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