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aceApplicationBase Class

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Common Base class for imbACE Applications
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  imbACE.Services.application
Assembly:  imbACE.Services (in imbACE.Services.dll) Version: 0.2
public abstract class aceApplicationBase : IAceApplicationBase, 
	IAceLogable, ILogable
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The aceApplicationBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyappAboutInfo
Information about the application. Used in User Interface and to sign all reports, readme files and exported documents
Public propertyataman
Ataman - watching logs and other folders for oversize
Public propertycommandLineArguments
Public propertydescription
Short description of the application
Public propertydoKeepRunning
If true it will keep running
Public propertyfolder
Main application folder, where the executable is started
Public propertyfolder_cache
Folder used by the chache system
Public propertyfolder_config
Folder with configuration files
Public propertyfolder_logs
Folder with log files and diagnostics
Public propertyfolder_plugins
Folder with plugins
Public propertyfolder_projects
Folder with saved application projects.
Public propertyfolder_reports
Folder with plugins
Public propertyfolder_resources
Folder with report themes and other resources
Public propertylogContent
Content of the logger
Public propertylogger
Main log-output for the application
Public propertyname
Gets the application name
Public propertyplugins
Plugins from folder_plugins folder
Public propertysettings
Base application settings
Public propertystate
State of the application
Public methoddeploySettings
Deploys or redeploys the settings - forcing all parts of the system to update their state according to the settings
Public methoddoQuit
Exits the application
Public methodlog
Logs the specified message: if logger set with logger, if not directly to console
Public methodsetAboutInformation
Sets the author information.
Public methodStartApplication
Starts the application, keeping thread in the loop. Once it returns false, it means user chosen to quit the application
Public eventonEventApplicationClosing
Event handler for Closing" at Application, to hook reaction method on to.
Public eventonEventApplicationLoaded
Event handler for Loaded" at Application, to hook reaction method on to.
Public eventonEventApplicationReady
Event handler for Ready" at Application, to hook reaction method on to.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodaceGenEx (Defined by aceExceptionTools.)
Public Extension MethodaceSciEx (Defined by aceExceptionTools.)
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