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imbNLP.PartOfSpeech.resourceProviders.core Namespace

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Public classgrammaticTagCollection
Collection of POS enumeration flags, accessible by Type of Enum.
Public classlexicResourceTextEntry
Basic resource entry - from a lexic resource in text file format
Public classmultitextIndexedResolver
Public classresourceConverterForGramaticTags
Resource conversion table set contains conversion specification for a lexical resource entry interpretation
Public classtableAnnotationResolver
Annotation resolver, uses definitions from Excel table
Public classtableReplaceResolver
Public classtableReplaceResolverItem
Replace resolver definition item
Public classtableResourceResolverBase
Public classtextResourceIndexBase
Common base for lexical resources based on indexed nested dictionaries. Higher performance then direct file search based.
Public classtextResourceResolverBase
Base class for a resolver working with a lexical resource encoded in a text format
Public interfaceITextResourceResolver
Public enumerationtextResourceIndexResolveMode