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imbNLP.PartOfSpeech.pipelineForPos.node Namespace

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Public classpipelineContentTokenLevelDistribution
Distributes the task according to contentLevelType
Public classpipelineHTMLTagDetection
Pipeline transformer node
Public classpipelineLexicResourceResolverNode
Pipeline transformer node
Public classpipelineProperFormTransformer
Pipeline transformer node
Public classpipelineRegexTestNode
Distribution and/or transformation by regex expression over currentForm
Public classpipelineTableAnnotationNode
Annotation pipeline node
Public classpipelineTokenGenericAnnotation
Determinates generic, regex based annotation. Can be used for imbMCToken, but also for token streams
Public classpipelineTransliterationNode
Pipeline transformer node
Public enumerationpipelineRegexTestTypeEnum
Regex test node sub type