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imbNLP.PartOfSpeech.analysis Namespace

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Tools and structures for word similarity assesment.

Public classwordAnalysisTools
Static methods for word similarity computation (works with any string)
Public classwordSimilarityComponent
Performs word similarity computation and holds settings (serializable)
Public classwordSimilarityPair
Represents one pair of similar words
Public classwordSimilarityResultSet
Collection of similar words that is returned from [!:wordSimilarityComponent.GetResult(List<string>)] call;
Public enumerationnGramsModeEnum
Mode of word decomposition
Public enumerationnGramsSimilarityEquationEnum
Equation to use for word to word similarity assesment

For high volume computation use wordSimilarityComponent. For low intentsity computation (word against word), the best option is to use GetSimilarity(String, String, nGramsSimilarityEquationEnum, Int32, nGramsModeEnum) universal method