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imbSCI - Introduction

imbSCI | imbACE | imbNLP | imbWEM | imbWBI

Framework supporting Science-related research and development in context of imbVeles Framework and SM-WBI.

imbSCI - Coding for Science - Foundation libraries

imbSCI libraries will help you with in-code data annotation for easier reporting, some interesting data structures (like directed and free graphs, multidimensional collections…), serialization and data manipulation, script driven reporting, single-model for multiple-outputs, static web site generation, generation of D3 (JavaScript) charts and graphs, text templates. Data formats covered: text, markdown, html, html-bootstrap, open document text, Excel spreadsheet, CSV, XML, JSON, R Tidy Dataset and more.

Spreadsheet reporting

Excel file creation directly from DataTable, styling framework built around DataTable structure

Graph structures

Directed and free graph structures, with weight factors for nodes and links. Conversion extension methods.

Import/Export operations for DGML, DOT, mxGraph (, Dia (Diagraming software), Mermeid...

Generation of directed graph from directory structure, class reflection data, URL/paths...

Folder and file operations

Folder and file Object Model with descriptive information for readme file creation

Easy file search, copy, backup, save and load (serialization) operations

Unified reporting API

Same interface for reports in HTML (Bootstrap), Markdown, Spreadsheet, plain text ...

Script, macro/component and template based reporting, dynamic colors

HTML reports with JavaScript libraries used for: equations (MathJS), Markdown rendering, diagrams (Mermeid), LaTeX...

Interactive JavaScript charting

Self documenting

Advanced reflection-based report generation

Attribute driven declarative data-annotation

Data manipulation

Generic Typed DataTable classes, declarative DataTable aggregation, conditional styling for DataTable exports

DataTable driven SVG chart generation: pie, bar, line, histogram, coocurence matrix ...


Data visualisation: SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP ....

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