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netDxf.Objects Namespace

imbVeles Framework: imbSCI | imbACE | imbNLP | imbWEM | imbWBI
Public classGroup
Represents a group of entities.
Public classGroupEntityChangeEventArgs
Public classImageDefinition
Represents an image definition.
Public classLayout
Represents a layout.
Public classMLineStyle
Represents as MLine style.
Public classMLineStyleElement
Represent each of the elements that make up a MLineStyle.
Public classMLineStyleElementChangeEventArgs
Public classPlotSettings
Represents the plot settings of a layout.
Public classRasterVariables
Represents the variables applied to bitmaps.
Public classUnderlayDefinition
Represents an underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayDgnDefinition
Represents a DGN underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayDwfDefinition
Represents a DWF underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayPdfDefinition
Represents a PDF underlay definition.
Public enumerationDictionaryCloningFlags
Duplicate record cloning flag (determines how to merge duplicate entries).
Public enumerationImageDisplayQuality
Image display quality (screen only).
Public enumerationMLineStyleFlags
Flags (bit-coded).
Public enumerationPlotFlags
Defines the plot settings flag.
Public enumerationPlotPaperUnits
Plot paper units.
Public enumerationPlotRotation
Plot rotation
Public enumerationSupportedImageFormats
Supported image formats.
Public enumerationUnderlayType
Defines the different underlay documents available.