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netDxf.Tables Namespace

imbVeles Framework: imbSCI | imbACE | imbNLP | imbWEM | imbWBI
Public classApplicationRegistry
Represents a registered application name to which the extended data is associated.
Public classDimensionStyle
Represents a dimension style.
Public classDimensionStyleOverride
Represents a dimension style value that overrides a property of the style associated with a dimension.
Public classDimensionStyleOverrideChangeEventArgs
Public classLayer
Represents a layer.
Public classLinetype
Represents a line type. Simple and complex line types are supported.
Public classLinetypeSegment
Base class for the three kinds of linetype segments simple, text, and shape.
Public classLinetypeSegmentChangeEventArgs
Public classLinetypeShapeSegment
Represents a shape linetype segment.
Public classLinetypeSimpleSegment
Represents a simple linetype segment.
Public classLinetypeTextSegment
Represents a text linetype segment.
Public classShapeStyle
Represent a shape style.
Public classTableObject
Defines classes that can be accessed by name. They are usually part of the dxf table section but can also be part of the objects section.
Public classTableObjectChangedEventArgsT
Event data for changes or substitutions of table objects in entities or other tables.
Public classTextStyle
Represents a text style.
Public classUCS
Represents a User Coordinate System.
Public classView
Public classVPort
Represents a document viewport.
Public enumerationDimensionStyleOverrideType
Dimension style override types.
Public enumerationFontStyle
Represent the font character formatting, such as italic, bold, or regular.
Public enumerationLinetypeSegmentRotationType
Define the type of rotation specified by the rotation value of the text or shape linetype segment.
Public enumerationLinetypeSegmentType
Define the linetype segment type simple, text, or shape.
Public enumerationViewModeFlags